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HT820 Flame Retardant Sponge - Firm Density - Grey - 915mm Wide

Thickness(mm) Colour Backing Price Ex VAT Price Inc VAT  
0.8 Grey Plain £50.09 £60.11
0.8 Grey Adhesive Backed £56.59 £67.91
1.6 Grey Plain £67.09 £80.51
1.6 Grey Adhesive Backed £73.59 £88.31
2.4 Grey Plain £89.09 £106.91
2.4 Grey Adhesive Backed £95.59 £114.71
3.2 Grey Plain £96.09 £115.31
3.2 Grey Adhesive Backed £102.59 £123.11
4.8 Grey Plain £130.09 £156.11
4.8 Grey Adhesive Backed £136.59 £163.91
6.4 Grey Plain £164.09 £196.91
6.4 Grey Adhesive Backed £170.59 £204.71
Thickness(mm) Colour Backing Price Price Inc VAT  
HT820 Flame Retardant Sponge - Firm Density - Grey - 915mm Wide

HT820 flame retardant silicone sponge - firm density - grey. This sheet is supplied in 915mm wide sheets. Boasting higher tear and tensile strength than lighter grade sponges, this product offers excellent durability and sealing. It has excellent memory and low stress relaxation, making it an ideal gasketing material. Further, its resistance to UV, Ozone, extreme temperature and flames allow it to be used in all environments and its cell strcture prevents penetration by fine particles and rain. Possible applications include, but are not limited to gaskets, anti-vibration/cushioning, HVAC systems, anti-fogging seals and battery pads/cushions in the automotive industry.

You are buying a minimum of 1 linear metre. Multiple orders will be supplied in a continuous roll.