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Silicone Sponge Sheet

Silex produce a comprehensive range of cellular silicone sheets in both sponge and foam grades.

The term “sponge” is often used to describe a cellular product of a “closed” cell structure and the term “foam” is mainly used for an “open” cell structure, although, with contradiction, this is not always the case. 

For clarification, Silex designates the term “foam” to products which have a predominantly “open” cell structure.

Our standard silicone sponges are available 1m wide and in roll format up to 10m long and have a smooth finish on both sides. Sheets above 15mm thickness tend to be supplied in 1m x 1m format. Standard colours include, but are not limited to, White, Black, Red Oxide, Blue and Grey.

Speciality silicone sponges including high recovery, fluorosilicone and thermally conductive grades are available in 915mm x 915mm sheets and in roll format 915mm wide depending on the particular grade. These sponges have a fine fabric finish on both sides and their respective colours vary depending on the product designation. 

In addition to the Silex Silicone sponge sheeting range we also offer flame retardant, ultra low compression set sponges and foams from The Rogers Bisco® brand.

All of our silicone sponges are available plain or adhesive backed and can be supplied in sheet form or converted into strips, gaskets and fabrications.

Small Pdf SIL10 – Soft density silicone sponge

Small Pdf SIL16 – Medium density silicone sponge

Small Pdf SIL16HT – Medium density silicone sponge for 270°C

Small Pdf SIL16MD – Medium density metal detectable silicone sponge

Small Pdf SIL24 – Firm density silicone sponge

Small Pdf SIL24HT – Firm density silicone sponge for 270°C

Small Pdf SIL33 – Extra-firm silicone sponge

Small Pdf SIL-X-300fff – Medium Density silicone sponge with a fine fabric finish both sides

Small Pdf SIL-X-600fff – Thermally conductive silicone sponge

Small Pdf SIL-X-700fff – Medium density fluorosilicone sponge with a fine fabric finish both sides