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Silicone Printing

Customers wishing to have their products marked or printed have a good choice from Silex.

We offer three different options:

  • Black Inkjet – An inline only process, suitable for extruded products using all types of silicone with continual marking of letters, digits and logos. As this is not a silicone ink, the adhesion is good but can be removed with heavy abrasion
  • White Inkjet – As above, but for printing on dark or black silicone. The adhesion is not quite as good as the black ink, but nevertheless has reasonable adhesion for most applications.
  • Pad Printing – With Silex pad printing service, the colour choices are unlimited. Multiple colour options are available subject to the specific design required. Pad printing is typically used on individual items such as keypads, caps, decorative articles and design led articles.

Silex pad printing services use silicone inks, so the adhesion is extremely good.

Silicone Printing