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Silicone "P" Sections

Silex ‘P’ sections represent a versatile sealing profile for a variety of sealing applications including ovens, incubators and electrical enclosures.

To ensure maximum performance these profiles are produced in our high temperature Silicone for service up to 270-300°C.

The standard colour is Grey but other colours, sizes and material grades are also available to order.

The following items are available from stock for next day delivery.


Item  OD ID L T Coil
1 6mm 3mm 15mm 1.5mm 10m
2 8mm 5mm 20mm 1.5mm 10m
3 10mm 6mm 25mm 2mm 10m
4 12mm 8mm 30mm 2mm 10m
5 15mm 10mm 35mm 2.5mm 10m
6 20mm 14mm 40mm 3mm 10m
7 25mm 19mm 50mm 3mm 10m

P _profilesP _profiles1

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Silicone "P" Sections