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Expanding Possibilities; Printing on Silicone


At Silex we are constantly striving to expand our capabilities in order to offer our customers an increasing range of possibilities.

These efforts have seen the introduction of printing services offered by Silex. Whether you require simple markings of digits or numbers in a single colour, or exotic, complex logos and designs, Silex has a number of options available.

Inkjet printing is offered as an inline only process, where continual marking with letters, digits or logos on extruded products is required. Black or white inks are available for this process, depending on the colour of the compound being extruded. While this is not a silicone ink and heavy abrasion may remove the ink, this ink has proven to provide good adhesion suitable for many applications.

Where designs are more complex or colourful, Silex offers a Pad Printing service; a process which offers unconstrained colour options and more complex design possibilities. This service is not restricted to extruded items, and is popular for individual items such as keypads, caps and decorative items. This service uses silicone inks, which allows for exceptional adhesion.

If you'd like to discuss options for printing on silicone products please contact us.